We are Dry Cleaners on The Go

Our goal is simple, we want to make dry cleaning and launder service simple for everyone. Our prices are the same as dropping off at your local cleaners, only we pickup and deliver your clothes for FREE. So its one less thing on your list of things to do.

OK, so it sounds great, but how does this all work? It’s simple actually, there are four steps to get started, each listed below. Once you are done you just leave the dirty clothes and we will bring them back clean. It’s really that simple.


Fill out our sign up form online.

The next day we are in your area we will drop off your bags, door (reef) hanger and payment form. We are in every area twice a week.

The next day we are in your area will be your 1st service day. We will pick-up your clothes and payment authorization form.

On the next service day, we bring back your clean clothes and put them on the reef hanger. If you have more clothes that need to be cleaned, we also pick them up for cleaning.