Grand Lakes

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Katy, TX – Grand Lakes boundaries, we provided service to all of Grand Lakes.

Katy, TX
Grand Lakes

Route Schedule:

Katy’s pick up and delivery days are Mondays & Thursday

Grand Lakes in Katy TX

Looking for a Dry Cleaners in the Grand Lakes area? Dry Cleaners on The Go, provides free pick up and delivery service to all of Grand Lakes, we make it easy and simple to deal with your dry cleaning needs, which allows you to spend more time doing the things you love.  We provide our services to residential homes or commercial building in the Grand Lakes area.

No need to schedule another stop to drop off your laundry, leave it at your door and we will come get it. Once it is done, we will also drop off your clean close, so there is no need for you to come pick it up.

  • Price List for Grand Lakes in Katy, TX

    We don’t hide our prices

      Shirt Laundry $2.99
      Shirt Dry Cleaned $4.99
      Pants/Jeans Dry Cleaned $4.99
      Blouse Dry Cleaned $4.99
      Skirt Dry Cleaned $4.99
      Sweater Dry Cleaned $6.50
      S. Coat Dry Cleaned $8.99
      2-PC Suit Dry Cleaned $13.99
      Dress Dry Cleaned $13.99

    Some items may require more special care due to material and could cost more. Only the most common items are listed, if you have something that is not listed lets us know and we can get you the price.

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